St. John’s Lutheran School is committed to serving the children in our community and their families. We connect with the whole person–body, mind, and spirit. Since we are a Christian school, we can talk about God and Christian values. Our students are well prepared for high school and their future careers. We have a positive reputation among high school teachers as our graduates know how to study and present themselves in a positive way. St. John’s Lutheran Church and School is committed to Christian education. The school was established in 1849, at the same time as the church. We have completed 168 academic years of serving this community.

The teachers use both traditional teaching methods and also modern technology. Having small classes allows for more attention given to students and their families. Our Mission Statement is: “St. John’s Lutheran Church and School is committed to Jesus Christ and the spiritual growth of all God’s children.”


PARENT TESTIMONIAL:   Parent Testimonial by Mrs. Cameron