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  1. Donald hamilton (Alexandria Virginia) briefly attended the school went on to Dwight D Eisenhower ( Blue Island IL) North stafford highschool (Stafford Virginia) and went on to attend Virginia state university 2012-2018 where he double majored and played golf.

  2. Several St. John’s School alumni helped with Vacation Bible School at St. John’s this year.
    Katie Willis (’13), Richard Wallace (’14), Arthur Willis (’14), and other former students: Samantha Willis, Gisele Smith, Eden Harris, and Camille Willis

  3. Kyle Walker (’12) is studying at Stanford University in Electrical Engineering. At Marian Catholic High School he was student body president and was involved in the NSLI-Y China Study Abroad program. At Stanford he is a 2016 Gates Millenium Scholar a 2016 Ron Brown Captain, an a Link Unlimited Scholar.

    • Lois Stewart says:

      Congratulations to Kyle and all of the SJCCH students doing great things in their education and future! My prayers ascend each day for all of the students.
      To GOD be the glory!

  4. Tia Pitts (’17) was offered all honors classes at Rich Central High School. She received one of the highest grades on her entrance exam.

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